machine learning scientist / engineers

We are looking for a PhD level computational statistician and data scientist to join a new start-up company based in Cambridge.  You will be responsible for research, design and development of new structures and assessment. As a start-up, my client is looking for two types of profile: Research Engineers and Research Scientists. Both profiles require good understanding of advanced deep learning methods and how they are applied to the real world.


You will be working with research scientists and engineers, as well as product manager to build compelling large-scale agent-based modelling of real life situations and modelling how individuals interact with their world.

Your profile:

We are seeking a talented and motivated data scientist with a background or experience in machine learning. You will be able to demonstrate a high level of initiative and consistently delivers high-quality answers. The ideal candidate want to be part of a high-growth start-up company with global ambitions, comfortable with C++ / C so that they can interact easily with the team. Knowledge of Python, Git is also strongly preferred.

Essential skills:

  • A PhD in statistics, computer science, engineering, math, physics or other quantitative fields
  • In-depth knowledge of Neural Networks/ Sequence models/ Markov models/ Gaussian processes
  • Experience with a wide range of natural language processing for classification and analysis
  • Strong programming skills with C++/C, Python, in the Linux environment
  • Has a proven track record implementing data driven products
  • Flexible, a fast learner and are happy to apply yourself to different areas of the company when needed
  • Excited and motivated by challenging and multifaceted problems
  • Strong attention to details and an excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Agent based systems software framework for real time situation is preferred but not required