analog electronics design engineer

At polkadotfrog, we have partnered with a growing business in Cambridge looking for an experienced Analog Electronics Design Engineer to work within an international team to design, build and test prevision electronics, and to contribute towards testing and calibration of the Microelectromechanical (MEMS) products.

The position: 

We’re looking for a passionate pro-active self starter, who can thrive in a multi-disciplinary and entrepreneurial environment who is versatile at problem solving and interested in new technology and its application. 

  • Design of analogue electronics, schematic capture and PCB layout using an industry standard package (Altium preferred)
  • Design, test and calibration of MEMS products
  • Design and build of experimental apparatus for test and calibration of sensor modules and toolsets
  • Modelling and data analysis to recover analytical trends from experimental datasets
  • Documentation of designs, testing procedures, and outcomes

Why should you apply?

An excellent opportunity to work together with like-minded scientists and engineers. This is a hands-on position for someone who is ready to take the next step and start owning the electronics solution on medium to large projects.


What we’re looking for:

You will have a solid track record in the design and build of analogue electronics, design and build of experimental apparatus for precision instrumentation, and execution of experiments to capture multivariable datasets together with relevant skills in data analysis and modelling. Experience of signal recovery and precision frequency measurements in the presence of noise would be beneficial.


Requirements and skills:

  • PhD/ Master Degree in Physics, Electrical Engineering, Electromechanical Engineering, or related discipline.
  • Proven track record of relevant experience
  • Solid understanding of design of analogue electronics over extended temperature ranges
  • Design of low noise and precision analogue front ends (i.e. transimpedance amplifiers, phase shifters, limiting circuits, oscillators and PLLs)
  • Solid understanding of design of analogue electronics over extended temperature ranges
  • Interfacing analogue and digital electronics
  • Design of experiments and associated apparatus to capture extensive multi-variable data sets

Desirable skills

  • Experience with design, build and test of complex instrumentation and experimental apparatus.
  • Experience with MEMS interfaces
  • Data analysis using industry standard packages such as MATLAB
  • Modelling using COMSOL or OPENFOAM
  • Attention to detail, and ability to work effectively in a team setting