tempted to temp? here’s why temping is the new lifestyle choice!

Are you looking for a job that offers more flexible working so you can lead a more balanced life?

It could be that you have young children to consider, or you’re responsible for older parents. Perhaps you simply want a less stressful life and prefer to choose when and where you work.

Temporary work could be the solution! Traditionally seen as the poor cousin of the permanent job, people are now seeing its benefits and even choosing it over long-term employment.

If you’re thinking about making some life changes, could it work for you?

Who benefits?

Anyone can benefit, but mums in particular can take advantage of temping.

Mums working full-time with two children are 40% more stressed than working women with no children. Since stress can impact on all areas of life, temporary roles could offer a more relaxed option, while providing women with contact to the working world – essential if they plan to return to permanent work one day.

Temping is also ideal for graduates and school leavers; while they look for their first career job, they can earn a salary and build their CVs.

Employers benefit from temps who can make up for staff shortages, provide additional resource in peak periods and step into someone’s role during maternity leave.

Top benefits of temping

Flexibility and freedom This has to be the greatest benefit! You can accept jobs or turn them down without your decision having a major impact on your professional reputation. Of course, you need to be a reliable candidate, but if you want to take a long holiday, you can. If you want to reduce your hours to work on your own business, you can. If you need to take on lighter work for health reasons, it’s up to you. You have more control over how you spend your days.

You still have rights – Importantly, temps have the same protection as permanent employees. Ask your recruitment consultant about your rights as a temp – working hours, sick leave, pay and equality, for instance.

Explore your options If you’re returning to work after maternity leave or considering a career change, temping offers the opportunity to ‘test’ a variety of workplace locations, cultures and environments. These experiences will help you make important decisions pressure-free, as you’ll still be earning an income.

Create new contacts You can grow your professional network by meeting new people through your temping roles. Use this time to ask questions, tell your contacts about the kind of work you’re looking for, and demonstrate your skills and work ethic. Develop a stellar reputation, and watch the opportunities roll in!

Sharpen your skillset – Make the most of temp roles by advancing your knowledge, and giving yourself the edge over other job seekers.

Return to perm – If you’re planning to return to permanent employment, look for temp-to-perm contracts. And, while you’re in a role, you’re likely to hear about forthcoming vacancies before they go public. Remember, that sparkling reputation of yours and your network of contacts will give your application a significant boost.

If you’re ready to make lifestyle changes, temping could be just what you need at the moment. Get in touch with us – we’re happy to answer your questions and discuss the opportunities that will best suit you.