the power of appreciation: 5 tips on how to praise your employees

Do you remember the last time you earned praise you for a task that you completed on time? Or for an idea that you put forward in a meeting? No? We didn’t think so!

Lack of praise is an all too common grievance amongst employee’s. It’s proven to increase job satisfaction and can be uplifting for an individual who is striving to make a difference in the workplace. For employees, receiving it for a job well done can make them feel more appreciated and lead to them to developing an affinity for their employer. Not to mention increased productivity, something all companies strive to achieve.

While praising employees can have a positive impact on them and the environment within the workplace, it needs to be done the right way. If not given correctly it can come across as patronising or sarcastic and can have a detrimental impact.

In line with our series of blogs on the employee lifecycle, polkadotfrog have identified 5 key tips that employers will find useful while giving praise.

Be Genuine

Praise has to be meaningful to have the desired effect, it has to be expressed in a way that is genuine. Not just in words but the tone should be correct as well. It has to come from the heart and be for a genuine reason.

Be Specific

All kinds of acknowledgement given are generally well received. Make sure that you identify the reason for given praise and make sure it comes across in the conversation. Praise should not be handed out liberally, it should be kept for moments where the employee has gone above and beyond their duties.

Don’t Delay

Praise has the most positive effect on employees when it is given on time. Being appreciated for a task six months after it was achieved will not have the same effect as praise that was given immediately after.

Let It Be Known

Praise feels even sweeter for employees when it is delivered in the presence of colleagues. Alternatively, in the age of the internet, a simple congratulatory E-mail sent out to the entire department highlighting the employee’s achievement can have the same effect. Lots of companies have implemented reward schemes which were created to help share praise. They range from gifts and cash prizes down to simple but effective novelties such as ringing a bell if an achievement is made.

Set It In Stone

The consistent accomplishment of tasks by an employee deserves to be rewarded in a befitting manner. Make it known from the start that employees will be praised if they achieve greatness. If employees are aware they are more likely to work towards hitting these targets, after all it’s worth their while!

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