temps before 10

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling you get from being let down at the very last minute. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do to prevent a member of staff calling in sick at zero-hour, business does not stop and you are left with a gaping hole in your workforce.

Thankfully not all is lost! Our hassle-free ‘Temps Before 10’ service is the perfect solution, reducing pressure with highly-skilled and reliable candidates. We have a dedicated temporary recruitment team in all of our offices and they’re ready and waiting every morning to make sure you get the right candidate, first time, and at short notice.

Temps Before 10 Covers:

  • Office Support/Reception
  • IT/Engineering
  • HR
  • Finance & Accountancy
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Shipping & Transport

We offer complete flexibility and can fulfil a role to almost any deadline or budget. Our ‘Temps Before 10’ service gives you access to our huge database of standby staff, allowing you to increase your workforce quickly. What’s more, to save you time, temporary staff remain on our payroll, giving you payroll tax savings.

The cliché of temporary staff lends itself to low-skilled workers, but in reality, recruiting temps can provide some distinct benefits. We supply highly skilled candidates who bring in fresh skills, improve efficiency and consult on business strategy. They offer ultimate flexibility in providing support for unexpected absences, or when you have an immediate requirement and need to meet market demands.

At polkadotfrog we pride ourselves on building long and successful relationships with our candidates, we always interview them before we put them on our database and we will only offer them to clients if we are confident they will be the right fit for your business. In fact, lots of our temps get offered full-time positions while they are on a placement, the proof really is in the pudding.

Do you have temp requirements? Or, maybe you would like to join our temporary staff bank? Contact us today!