how tech investment in east anglia is fuelling jobs boom

Businesses and job seekers alike are benefiting from the ongoing investment in tech throughout the East of England. From innovation funding for colleges, to people launching cutting-edge digital start-ups, the region is witnessing exciting growth.

The East of England boasts a turnover of £8bn from the digital tech industry, with 19,000 businesses employing 89,000 people. Our industry figures beat those in the North West, North East and the South West.

We’re seeing a strong culture of start-ups, growth businesses and collaborations evolve across the region, adding significant value and diversity to the employment market. Government funding and companies focusing on fields including FinTech, E-commerce, gaming, cybersecurity and AdTech are making the East of England one of  the best places for tech professionals to build their careers.

Cambridge: the UK’s innovation hub

Of course, we’re lucky to have Cambridge in our region – a global tech epicentre. It’s home to numerous brands such as international microchip company ARM Holdings, gaming company Frontier Developments, Amazon and Applepolkadotfrog discusses the impact of Apple and tech investment in East Anglia

Cambridge is ideal for tech start-ups and growing concerns, thanks to a powerful network encompassing the University, its graduates, investors and existing tech expertise. In fact, the environment is that perfect for innovation, it’s spawned countless ground-breaking businesses located world-wide. This process has earned its own awe-inspiring title: the ‘Cambridge Phenomenon’.

A Google search provides numerous articles about Cambridge’s tech cluster – we urge you to find out more, especially as the demand for new employees is unending.

Suffolk is spearheading advances in tech

Of course, innovation-related jobs aren’t limited to Cambridge; Suffolk offers opportunities for professionals who want to be part of developments that are shaping our future.

Look beyond the sleepy Suffolk landscape to find a mushrooming tech sector, which is fuelling the jobs market. According to the Technation report, Ipswich’s digital tech businesses are responsible for a £250m turnover and employs 15,000 people.

Just a few months ago, news broke about a link between BT’s research and development centre (outside Ipswich) and the University of Cambridge. The relationship aims to speed up development of Quantum technologies. What’s more, BT and Facebook are working together to develop next-generation telecoms technology.

Innovation Martlesham is a dynamic hub based next to BT for tech start-ups and established enterprises. Offering support ranging from mentoring to office space, this ‘collaborative ecosystem’ of digital SMEs is always on the lookout for new talent.

Of course, there are digital businesses all over the county, but Ipswich is home to some of the region’s most forward-thinking tech minds.

Norfolk’s tech scene is set to skyrocket

Norfolk’s tech scene is also flourishing at a rapid rate. In 2017, it was generating £221m and employed over 13,000 professionals.

With programmes such as TechVelocity – the region’s first digital and tech accelerator – and multi-million-pound funding for development of AI, digital creative and agri-tech, Norwich is another employment hotspot.

Norfolk has had significant investment in AI technology

Another huge job-creator is the development of the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor. This initiative is aiming to support growth opportunities for technology that’s shaping the future of food, energy, medicine and mobility. The programme will bring together the universities, research institutes, businesses, knowledge and network organisations located between the two cities, giving rise to 26,000 new highly skilled jobs.

Sadly, it’s impossible to mention all of the ambitious ventures happening in the region in one article! However, we hope we’ve inspired you to plan your tech career here, in the East of England.

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