return to work event

Save the the date: Wednesday 25th September, 10am-3pm

Returning to work after a career break can be daunting for many. Whilst it is common for people to find that they are having to compete with skilled and more experienced applicants, more often than not it is a lack of confidence and the ‘not knowing where to start’ factor that puts people off the initial process of getting back into work. Sometimes that’s just the first hurdle, the second being finding a permanent job that allows for flexibility and shorter hours when it comes to childcare.

Following a trend that started in the US, ‘returnships’ are becoming more and more popular within large corporations within the UK, offering anything from 10 weeks to 6 month training, upskilling and updating returnees skillset.

Being a recruitment agency, we come across many applicants who are looking to get back into the working world but who don’t have any recent relevant experience due to family/home commitments or health issues. Because we insist on meeting all of our candidates face to face, it’s easy for us to see someones personality, assess their soft skillset and transferrable skills and therefore gain an insight what kind of office environment they would suit. However, in some cases, hiring managers and recruiters will dismiss a CV with no recent experience. This is what we want to change.


In September, polkadotfrog will be working in conjunction with Suffolk Mind to host a ‘Return to work’ workshop. The event will offer the following:

  • A workshop provided by polkadotfrog on CV writing and interview tips and techniques
  • Wellbeing advice from Suffolk Mind
  • A confidence talk from one of our speakers
  • The chance to network and meet other returnees

We are also asking for workwear donations that attendees can purchase at a low cost, blazers, smart trousers and dresses, white shirts etc. If anyone has smart clothes that they don’t wear any more, we will be more than happy to take these and have them on a stand on the day. These will be sold on the day to attendees at low cost, with all proceeds going directly to Suffolk Mind. You can drop off any items at your local polkadotfrog branch, or contact us and we can arrange to pick them up.


polkadotfrog have pledged to educate our clients about the benefits of a job share when approaching them with candidates to fill their vacancies.

Benefits of Job Share

  • You get two people’s ideas, energy and commitment for the price of one. It also provides a wider skill and knowledge base.
  • Inconvenience may be minimised during times of holiday and sickness absence if you can arrange to have one member of staff present at all times. You also have the capacity to double capability during busy periods/seasons.
  • The cost implications are minimal, and should therefore not affect your company budget.
  • You will retain the services of experienced and valued members of staff. Job shares are a way of employing talented people who are not available for full time work.

To register your interest for this event, please contact Florence on 01473 213136.