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Are you a foreign language graduate? Or maybe a graduate who happens to be bilingual? Perhaps you’re considering applying your talents professionally? The great news is that you don’t need to relocate overseas to find fantastic career opportunities. In fact, you could find a job right here, in the East of England.

Many companies across a broad variety of sectors rely on customers around the world, and, although English is a globally-spoken language, it’s still recognised that customers want to communicate in their own language. As linguists already know, you build rapport quicker and on a deeper level if you speak someone else’s mother tongue.

EU languages are in demand

According to a recent study on education and skills in the UK, the most popular EU languages taught in schools are French, German and Spanish. However, with only 35% of British people admitting they speak just one foreign language, as a language graduate you’re already in a strong position to start building a solid career.

EU language jobs in demand

To further galvanise your professional profile, Brexit has triggered many companies to ensure they have enough speakers of EU-languages to maintain business relationships. So, keep your eyes open for new opportunities as we edge closer to our date of exit.

Of course, other languages are highly valued by employers – be it Polish, Russian, Arabic or Mandarin. Since the UK has strong trade relationships around the world, businesses need linguists to nurture those connections.

Jobs in the business world

With a language or two on your CV you have a whole world of options. This is great news, as careers in teaching or translation don’t appeal to everyone. If you’d prefer to enter the corporate world, have you ever considered working in sales?

Often an exciting, fast-paced profession, sales – or business development – offers great rewards for graduates who are goal-driven. You’ll communicate with people daily, forming important relationships in different countries, as well as getting to know local business etiquette and industry knowledge.

A sales role could also see you using social media to connect with customers, researching potential new leads and marketing your company – really making the most of your linguistic talents.

Other multilingual professions can be found in insurance – a booming global industry. Although this may seem to be a less dynamic area of work, if you enter a sector such as shipping, you could eventually find yourself working overseas in locations such as Dubai or Singapore, earning an enviable salary.

The international maritime industry also needs foreign language speakers in import, export and other logistics roles. With the UK’s biggest cargo port being in our part of the country, in Felixstowe, the ideal job opportunity may be closer than you think.

Benefits beyond languages

Speaking other languages are wonderful for other areas of your professional life; being bilingual is thought to enhance multitasking skills, and the ability to focus and strategise. Not only that, but it also supports mental health, and may even delay the onset of dementia.

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Best of luck with your job hunt. Or maybe you’d prefer: viel Glück, lycka till, bonne chance, powodzenia and buena suerte!