my summer in frog office!

Hi my name is Daisy and I’ve been working at polkadotfrog since May while we were in the depths of lockdown.


Due to the climate I worked my first few weeks from home but once we were able to come back into the office we did as we are lucky enough to have the space to be able social distance. 


Being a year 11 student who had just been told I would have no GCSE exams and no further classes this year I soon became very bored, but polkadotfrog alongside Spider provided me with a day a week working with them which got me out the house and gave me something else to focus on. 


Since I’ve been here I have helped with a variety of tasks including online marketing and some admin tasks. I have really been enjoying my time at polkadotfrog and I have learnt skills which will benefit me in the future, for example being taught how to use new marketing systems and designing software and how to use them effectively. Another skill I have gained is how to operate in a workplace which will help me as I progress through my work life in different situations. 


As we are getting back to normal and everyone has been bought back into the office I am really enjoying the atmosphere of working in the Spider/polkadotfrog office and it feels great to finally be slowly returning to normal. I have now started my A Levels at college but am continuing my work at polkadotfrog alongside these.


Overall, despite everything that has been going on I feel very positive about my summer, although it wasn’t what I had planned, I have really enjoyed being part of the company.  It’s great to be part of a team and I am looking forward to helping re-establish polkadotfrog as THE go to commercial recruiter in East Anglia.