meet our #choosemetuesday candidates…

Free recruitment, yes you heard it……………………Whilst wracking our brains over the last couple of months about what else we could possibly do to help our amazing candidates in such uncertain times, we came up with the #choosemetuesday idea.

It’s a simple concept.  We are asking one candidate each week to prepare a video that we can share on all our platforms with the aim of getting them exposure to potential employers and to raise interest in them as a ‘job hunter’.

This is something we are doing to help local people, no strings, no funny business…………we are not charging clients our usual fee if they take these candidates into their teams, it’s free.  We just need to get things moving don’t we?  We have seen such amazing acts of goodwill and kindness in Suffolk over what must be one of the worst times in all of our lives and we need to keep putting our best foot forward and make a change.

Why are we doing this for free? Because it’s the right thing to do right now…………………..I know this goes against all a recruiters training, but the usual rules don’t apply right now.  The response from candidates has also been amazing, we were worried that people might be reluctant to put themselves out there, in the flesh, on a video, but no, they are very keen and are working really hard with us which has been fantastic.

If you are recruiting take a look however even if you are not actively hiring we hope you will still take part by liking and sharing our posts. #choosemetuesday

 week 2- Kate



week 3- Rachel



week 4- Ian