how to find a cracker of a new job over christmas!

Everyone here at polkadotfrog would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your hard work throughout 2018! However, before you begin the countdown to your much-deserved Christmas break, have you thought about how you’d like to advance your professional life in 2019?

December is the ideal time to step back, review your circumstances, and plan your future so you’ll be ready to leap into action in the new year.
You’ll be surprised at how much preparation and job hunting you can achieve over Christmas, without impeding too much on your downtime. Between spending time with family and watching those obligatory festive movies, carve out some time to prepare for the next step in your career.

We all know that January is when people decide to start afresh; signing up to recruitment agencies and uploading CVs to sites such as TotalJobs and CV Library. If you take care of these tasks this month, when January begins you’ll be fully equipped to leap into the job search when other candidates will only be starting the process.

Completing the tasks below over Christmas will give you a significant head start on the competition, boosting your chances of achieving success sooner.

1. Polish up your CV
When was the last time you looked at your CV? If it’s been a while – a few years maybe – now is the time to refresh it. If you plan to target your search at different types of roles or industries, tailoring a few versions of your CV accordingly will make it instantly more appealing to a variety of employers.

2. Upgrade your LinkedIn skills
Brush up your LinkedIn profile too and consider changing your settings so that recruiters know that you’re looking for new opportunities. An array of LinkedIn experts regularly post tutorials on YouTube, helping job seekers make the most of the platform. From optimising your profile using keywords, to writing messages sent with connection requests, use your Christmas break to look deeper into how LinkedIn can help you find your next role.

3. Be available in December
If you’re one of the few candidates willing to submit applications between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, you’re sure to make an outstanding first impression. In the meantime, your competition will be busy nibbling on Ferrero Rocher in front of a box set.

4. Set up job alerts
When signing up and uploading your CV to job sites, don’t forget to register for alerts which you can receive according to your preferred frequency. In just a couple of days you’ll start to see alerts drop into your inbox, simplifying your job search. At polkadotfrog you can sign up to receive tailored job alerts across East Anglia here.

5. Invest your Christmas bonus wisely
If you’re lucky enough to receive an annual bonus in December, put that money to work. By all means treat yourself to something special, but be careful about how you spend the rest of it. Consider saving a portion for a new interview outfit, a haircut or even some career coaching if you’re thinking of taking a break to search.

6. Consider temp-to-perm roles
With so many people going on leave at this time of year, there’s typically a spike in temporary positions. You may want to consider taking on a temporary role which has a strong potential of becoming permanent. However, before you apply ensure that you clarify the prospect of longer-term employment with the recruitment agent or employer.

Our experienced consultants are also here to help with advice, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your questions.