how to be the best temporary worker

Temporary work is great for people who are in between jobs, have faced redundancy or some people simply like the flexibility that comes with being a ‘temp’.

There are many circumstances where a company needs additional assistance but may not need or want to employ a permanent member of staff. This is where our temp’s team come into their own.

Being a Temps Consultant is a very difficult job with so many clients and workers to keep happy and there are lots of things you can do as a temp to help with this so we can keep you in work for as long as you need.

Be eager

Take the assignments we offer you. It is very hard finding temporary work for our workforce. Our clients are always grateful for the help our temps give and our Consultants
are careful ab out who they chose for each job. Trust us and get that valuable experience under your belt.

Be loyal

If you have committed to an assignment for a certain length of time, make sure you complete the time required. Obviously in life things crop up so if that happens just pick up the phone and discuss with your Consultant. We will always try to accommodate you as much as possible to the mutual benefit of all concerned.

Make relationships

Get to know as many people as you can both in the polkadotfrog office and at your assignment company. Be polite, friendly and make yourself memorable. We want our clients to ask for you by name!

Is your CV up todate?

Always update your CV after each assignment and send it to your Consultant. This enables us to find you suitable work next time.

Be smart, be punctual

We will always tell you if there is any particular dress code for a temp assignment. Normally though our clients expect normal business wear which includes; trousers, skirts, shirts, blouses, ties, cardigans etc. We would also recommend formal shoes with enclosed toes.

Make sure you arrive early for your assignment and leave yourself plenty of time to travel. You will have all the details of the person you need to report to etc. so please ask for that person by name.

We know it can be nerve-wracking on your first day, but keep smiling and familiarise yourself with where to find everything you need such as stationery, toilets, kettle etc. Ask to be introduced to key people you will be working with/for during your time at the Company.

Please be patient with our clients. Sometimes it can be hard for them to gauge your capabilities, so they may give you lower level work initially. If you are capable of more please do tell them and always offer to help wherever you feel you can.

Pay Day!

Please ensure your temporary contract / bank details etc. are returned to the office prior to the start of your assignment so we can ensure you are set up on the pay portal.

Ensure you enter your worked hours on the pay portal at the end of your working week. When you enter your hours an email goes straight to your client for them to approve the hours worked. Being timely with this shows that you are organised and gives your Line Manager plenty of time to authorise your pay. It also stops us having to call round to chase managers who are often busy and unavailable and ensures you are paid on time.

At the end of the day

Leave your desk tidy and up to date and let someone know you are leaving so they don’t worry about you.

At the end of the assignment

Tell the client that you have enjoyed your time with them. Ask them directly if they might have any other work for you in the future. Let us know and we will keep a track for you and remind the client nearer the time.

And finally

Lots of our temporary staff get offered permanent positions through their temporary work, so if you are looking for a permanent job what better way to prove how fantastic you are than being an excellent temp.

We do send feedback forms to all our clients after each temporary assignment. The positive feedback we gain is used to pass on to future clients regarding your performance in previous roles so please make sure your feedback is excellent. We will always tell you about any positive comments given to us as it is always nice to hear!