how kind is your workplace?

Among annual awareness days, Kindness Day UK, which is today, Tuesday November 13th, caught our eye.

Why? Well, you may have noticed that we at polkadotfrog are big supporters of mental health awareness, and kindness plays a major part in staying well.

Fact: kindness is good for us

The evidence of the physical, mental and emotional benefits created by carrying out acts of kindness is laid out in research; scientists have discovered that being truly altruistic is great for our holistic health.

This video by experts in the USA reveals more fascinating information ­­and shows there’s no doubt that putting others first is a positive thing for wider society.

Be kind AND profitable

Contrary to popular opinion, businesses can be kind and still make plenty of money. Take the Timpson Group as an example; its chairman and owner, Sir John Timpson, makes kindness an integral part of everyday working life: “I’ve discovered that the right way to run a business is through kindness – if you’re good to people then it’s good for business.”

With a turnover in excess of £250 million, Timpson’s strategy is certainly a powerful one.

Being compassionate in business gives employees a more meaningful experience which, in turn, encourages them to be more loyal and productive.  Studies have shown that workplace stress can hinder innovation and staff confidence, instead of enhancing it – this is likely to be a barrier to a company’s long-term success. So, with outmoded ways of managing people being replaced by more considered approaches, kindness should be an integral part of business strategy.

Being more thoughtful at work can also transform employees into ambassadors for their workplaces, which is crucial to a company’s reputation in its industry and local community.

How can your workplace be kinder?

Naturally, you don’t need to limit being kind to Kindness Day UK! We can all do something to make work a more fulfilling experience – from one-off events to simple activities:

  • Carry out acts of kindness for other businesses, clients and suppliers.
  • Choose a charity to support through fundraising or pro bono work.
  • Regularly thank colleagues for their hard work and support.
  • Volunteer in your local community.
  • Present an annual employee award recognising their good deeds.
  • If you’re a manager, take an understanding, trusting approach rather than a threatening one.
  • Bring in cake to share with colleagues and neighbouring businesses (remember the dairy/ gluten-free options!)
  • Email suppliers to say thanks for their fantastic work.
  • Get to work before everyone else and leave a treat on desks.
  • Send glowing feedback about a helpful colleague to their line manager.

How to persuade the boss

Are you convinced that kindness is good for your workplace? Great – now you just need to get the green light from your boss to roll out your ideas at work. If this article isn’t enough to persuade them, you need to build a good case. Do more research into the positive impact on business. There are lots of videos and articles online which I’m sure will provide you with all the evidence you need.