ipswich defeat dementia sponsored walk


October 12


12:00 pm - 03:00 pm


Cult Cafe Bar

James Hehir Building, University Avenue

Ipswich, IP3 0FS

polkadotfrog is proud to be sponsoring this years ‘Ipswich Defeat Dementia’ walk – an event that has previously raised over £22,000 towards life-changing research for Dementia and Alzheimers. The walk is 10 miles and polkadotfrog will be cheering participents on at the 9-mile marker, located outside the Unitarian house near the Willis building. Our team will be handing out prosecco and also encouraging the walkers to take part in a photo-booth filled with props that will hopefully send walkers on their final mile with smiles on their faces.

After finding out about the Ipswich Defeat Dementia walk, we knew that we had to be involved. Dementia affects so many people’s lives and we want to help contribute to research that can hopefully one day put a halt to this heart-breaking condition.

Please email defeatdementiawalk@outlook.com for a registration form for this year’s event.