don’t communicate with your candidates…if you want to lose out!

As much as we have all been through a very difficult time and unemployment is on the rise, recruiting great candidates will always be critical to the success of a business. Pre COVID, unemployment was at just 3% and we saw the lowest levels of unemployment recorded since 1974.  Now, at this moment in time, unemployment is rapidly increasing, although the true numbers will not be known until the latter part of this year and early next.

The old adages ”The war for talent” and “Candidate is King” are surely a thing of the past…….Or are they? Our Recruitment Manager, Emma Cotton, says not.  “Recruiting will certainly be easier in some ways and absolutely there are lots of great candidates looking for new opportunities, however a whole different set of issues are coming to the surface. There has never been a more important time to ensure that all candidates are getting feedback quickly on their application ensuring that you keep your employer brand intact.  In some cases, here at polkadotfrog we have seen response levels quadruple across all levels of roles, so using experienced recruitment professionals to help you select talent quickly is a wise investment” So what does this mean for you if you’re planning to recruit?  Here our top 4 tips to ensure you are recruiting like a guru and treating your candidates like the valuable assets they could be to your business.

  • Have a well written job advert – Ensure you are outlining exactly what skills you are looking to recruit, outline who your ideal candidate is, give the candidates more information on you as a business and an employer.  What can they expect when they come and work with you?  Don’t just assume that every candidate in the world is desperate to work for you. Tell them more about why your opportunity is a great one and why they should apply!
  • Have a multi-faceted approach to your recruitment campaign – Just because response levels may be more than what you would ideally like, it is still key to cover all angles when searching for the perfect ‘one’.  The easiest way to gain applications for your new recruit may not always be the best solution, after all we’re all looking for quality team members. With recruitment being one of the most crucial things to the success of business and one of the biggest investments, you need to ensure you choose your approach wisely and don’t go for the seemingly easy option or the “they will do” approach.
  • Make time to recruit properly – so many times we see great candidates get snapped up by more reactive employers because of the delay in companies responding to applications. Great candidates will not sit and wait, they are proactive, engaged and wanting to work now.  If you are recruiting make time in your diary for the following days and week to select, speak to and meet your top candidates. Leave them in the dark at your peril!
  • Finally using a company like polkadotfrog to help support you as a business and a candidate’s journey through the hiring jungle should be a major priority for any forward-thinking company.  It will certainly take the administrative burden off the hiring business ensuring your time is spent in a more proactive way during the Recruitment process and giving those great candidates the time that they deserve.

At polkadotfrog we know that recruitment is not easy and we completely understand that getting it right is crucial!  We can help you.  If you’re looking to hire and need support call Emma Cotton of polkadotfrog on 01473 213 136.