checklist for successful induction of temporary staff

To assist you in preparing for your temporary worker to start, we have compiled a guide with a few valuable points to consider to ensure they quickly settle into their assignment.

Be prepared prior to the temps start date

  • Ensure their desk or work area is ready for them to start – do they need a phone or any stationery?
  • Make sure their computer is set up ready with passwords so they can access the system and start working straight away.
  • Do you have any company literature that you can give to the temp so they are fully informed of the work required?
  • Do you need to organise any training, instructions, provide extension numbers of colleagues in the office or are there any external contact numbers they will need?

Welcome temp workers to the team

  • Ensure permanent members of the team or contractors are aware that a temp will be starting and the role they will be doing.
  • Within the first few hours introduce your temp to colleagues and managers so nobody is a stranger.
  • Show them where the toilet and drinks facilities are and where should they keep their coat and bag etc.
  • Complete a mini induction and run through your company handbook ensuring you cover key health and safety issues such as:
    • Emergency exits
    • Evacuation procedures
    • Health and Safety policy
    • Accident reporting
    • Any other relevant policies
  • Run through the role again with the temp and conduct any system training needed.
  • Let them know who they should ask if they have any questions. Confirm lunch or break arrangements.
  • Check within the first 4 hours that work completed is up to standard and provide feedback to polkadotfrog.
  • We want to hear if there are any compliments or concerns.

Day-to-day business

  • A temp will soon settle into the day-to-day life of the office and become acquainted with their colleagues. However it is important to remember that polkadotfrog is the temporary candidate’s employer and should be informed of any absence or holiday.
  • Your Temps Consultant will call each week to ensure all is proceeding as it should be. Make sure you are honest with your feedback. We want you to be happy with the service you are receiving.
  • Please approve timesheets on a Monday. An email will automatically be sent as soon as the temp has submitted their hours. Upon your approval an invoice will be generated and is payable within 7 days.
  • Respect and value the contribution that a temp makes. They will want to make a good impression.

The end of the assignment

  • Where possible, give polkadotfrog as much notice as you can regarding the end date of the assignment. We ask for at least a week ideally so we can find a new assignment for our temp.
  • We can advise the temp of their end date or you can discuss it with them.
  • We would always suggest an end of assignment meeting on the temp’s last day to ensure that they give you a detailed handover of what they have done or where they have got to with the task in hand.
  • Your Temps Consultant will call following the departure of the temp to discuss how they have performed throughout their assignment.
  • Please complete and return the feedback form we send you. It provides invaluable information for both us and our candidate. We are also always grateful to receive testimonials.