the benefits of using a temp

There are many circumstances where a company needs additional assistance but may not need or want to employ a permanent member of staff and take on the overheads
and risks that come with it.

When recruiting our temporary workforce, the process we follow is the same process we follow for recruiting permanent staff. We conduct face to face interviews, check employment references and gain proof of eligibility to work in the UK. We also skills test candidates to ensure they can immediately make a valuable contribution in their assignment with you.

Temporary staff are available to work for periods of four hours upwards and can be called upon at short notice for those emergency situations. As a client you only pay for
each hour that the candidate works. We handle all payroll, tax, holiday payments etc. You simply authorise the hours worked each week with the click of a mouse.

Why Use a Temp?

  • To offer additional support during busy times or holiday periods.
  • They are available at short notice for any length assignment.
  • They remove all stress from a company’s resourcing team.
  • They do not contribute to company overheads, avoiding headcount increases and employment issues.
  • They have the correct skills to match specific projects.
  • They have the ability to hit the ground running with minimal instruction.
  • Temp to Perm arrangements provide the opportunity to check a candidate’s suitability and reliability before offering a permanent contract.
  • Temporary staff often are very highly skilled and can add value to your company.

Our Temporary Staff are able to help with:

  • Holiday cover
  • Sick leave
  • Maternity leave
  • Sudden employee departure
  • Seasonal or peak periods
  • Employee shortages