our values

Here at polkadotfrog, our values run through everything we do, which could be dealing with candidates, clients, and importantly each other.

These are a set of values we worked on and agreed on as a team and we uphold them in our work daily.

We are Brave – We stand up for what we believe in. Every time. It’s that simple

We are Human – We are authentic and true to ourselves. We understand that life happens to people, our clients, candidates, and suppliers, and whilst we strive to be the very best we do so with compassion and empathy

We are Fun – We are a quirky bunch and like to make business fun

We are Proud – We may be small, but we’re perfectly formed. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved during some of the worst economic times known to business! We’re proud of working with some of the best brands in the region and we’re proud of the team we’ve created

We are Knowledgeable – We love to share our expertise and have decades of experience. We have navigated recessions, pandemics, Brexit, Lockdowns, booms and busts. We know our stuff!

We bring Positive Energy – Our cup is half full and we embrace business and our relationships always with positivity. We celebrate success. Life is hard enough hey!

We are Accountable – We want to achieve great things, so we have no problem with being held accountable by our colleagues, our clients, and our peers. Our goal is to get it right every time.