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New Year, New You - Career Resolutions For 2012

Posted 19.01.12

1. Make the most of the job you have
If your resolution is sticking with the job you have the best strategy to remain happy in your current role and to give yourself the best chance of progression is to build your skills and make sure your employers are aware of those skills by applying them in your day to day work. Working hard, remaining positive and doing a good job will help build your confidence in your abilities and is sure to get you noticed and appreciated in the workplace.

2. Be discovered
If your resolution is to be ‘discovered or head hunted’ this year you need to ensure you can be found! 75 out of the 100 Fortune 100 companies are said to now be using LinkedIn as a recruiting tool. Many businesses, including recruitment agencies are now advertising and sourcing candidates via social media sites. Setting up or fully completing your professional LinkedIn profile can be an advantage whilst job hunting.
Some key tips to get noticed are:
Fully complete your profile including all relevant experience/skills
Add a photo that looks like you at your professional best
Reach out to at least 50 connections so that those second and third tier prospective employers can track you down!

3. Be ahead of the game
One of the most exciting things to happen in a burgeoning economy is a renewed sense of optimism and with it the creation of new jobs. This happens quickly, so be ahead of the game and follow companies via twitter, LinkedIn so that you can be on top of a job as soon as it is advertised.

4. Extend yourself
One of the best things you can do in 2012 to make a difference to your career, it is to put yourself out there and network. Opportunities are found through relationships. Networking is not as scary as it sounds it should be happening day to day and is simply the building of authentic relationships.