Polkadotfrog recruitment agency is a specialised recruitment consultancy.

We know that finding a new job can be a daunting and time consuming experience, but it is important that you invest some time meeting and registering with the Consultancy that will be acting on your behalf.

The time you spend with us is invaluable. Not only do we need to meet you to be able to make that perfect match with your future employer, but also you need to make sure that you are happy and confident with us representing you. Your career and future is extremely important so why settle for second best? The relationship we form paves the way ahead and ensures all our communication is of added value.

We are a Consultancy not just an Agency. We are very honest and open at all times. If we don't feel you are suited to a role we will tell you and explain the reasons why. We want you to have the best possible chance of securing an interview and subsequently the role, therefore we would not dream of presenting your CV to a Client without your knowledge, or to a role you wouldn't feel 100% confident in. If you are interested in a role, we will always tell you the name of the Employer in order to avoid any unnecessary duplication or Agency "cloak and dagger"!!!!

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Workplace Pension Reforms - polkadotfrog Information

Posted 06.02.14

Did you know that pensions are changing?

polkadotfrog's 2013 Salary Survey

Posted 29.05.13

polkadotfrog have put together a salary survey for 2013

Christmas Payroll Deadline 2012

Posted 18.12.12

Due to our Payroll Company closing from Friday 21st December to Wednesday 2nd January 2013, please note the following:

Auto-enrolment - know your new rights as a temporary worker...

Posted 19.09.12

From 1 October 2012, the process of UK employers having to automatically enrol employees into a qualifying pension scheme will commence.

Tips to ensure your social media pages help you find your next position

Posted 24.08.12

Whilst networking via social media with potential employers can be of great advantages it is crucial to ensure your social media profile is not in any way detrimental to your professional work life.

Could you be the next apprentice?

Posted 24.07.12

With youth unemployment at an all time low and those leaving college or university and trying to enter the workplace for the first time facing more and more difficulties it is necessary to consider other routes in to the workplace.

polkadotfrog's Refer a friend reward scheme

Posted 07.06.12

Refer a friend with administrative, marketing, sales, IT support/software development experience or for a specific role advertised by polkadotfrog Ltd and receive *£100 in gift vouchers for a store of your choice.

Creating Opportunities for Graduates - March 2012

Posted 29.03.12

In the current economic climate, it comes as no surprise that levels of unemployment are continuing to rise. Perhaps more surprisingly, is the number of graduates that are struggling to find suitable employment.

New Year, New You - Career Resolutions For 2012

Posted 19.01.12

A few tips to help you progress your career in 2012

10 Things Not To Include In Your CV...

Posted 30.11.11

It is sometimes difficult to know what to include and what to leave out when it comes to putting together your CV. Below we hope are some handy tips to help you sell yourself and secure that interview...

Holiday Request Form

Posted 09.02.11

If you are currently temping via polkadotfrog and wish to take holiday please download the attached request form.

The polkadotfrog Guide to Questions to ask at an Inteview

Posted 28.05.10

The polkadotfrog Guide to Questions to ask at an Inteview

The polkadotfrog Complete Interview Guide

Posted 27.05.10

The polkadotfrog Complete Interview Guide

The polkadotfrog Guide to Writing the Perfect CV

Posted 26.05.10

The polkadotfrog Guide to Writing the Perfect CV